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Authorities Perplexed by Deborah George’s Mysterious Absence

As the fortnight looms since Deborah George, aged 46, evaporated into the Seaford ether, bafflement prevails. Last observed on April 6’s eve around the ninth hour, clad in a hat of beige wool and a jacket of earthy hue, her slender frame and chestnut tresses linger in memory alone.

Assistance Implored by Sussex Police

A plea emanates from Sussex Police, beseeching the masses to scrutinize dashcam or CCTV chronicles from April’s sixth eve betwixt the hours of five and eleven, particularly encompassing Crouch, towards the Esplanade, and the vicinity of Seaford Head. Alas, the quest perseveres, yet Deborah’s presence eludes us—her trail shrouded in enigma.
Should tidings of Deborah’s locale emerge, the citizenry is entreated to dial 999, invoking the reference of serial 1632 from 06/04.

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