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Surging Forth: Revolutionary Recycling Transforms Aluminium and Bolsters Electric Vehicle Autonomy

The Enigmatic ShAPE™: Recycling Aluminium to Revolutionize Automotive Industry

The recently patented Shear Assisted Processing and Extrusion (ShAPE™) method is a pioneering breakthrough that recycles scrap aluminium into innovative vehicle components, thereby enhancing the range of electric vehicle batteries. This enigmatic process curbs over 50% of embodied energy and slashes more than 90% of carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating the need to extract and refine raw aluminium ore. Currently, efforts are being made to gauge the scalability of lightweight components to further augment battery range. Quicker, more efficient, and cost-effective than existing methodologies, ShAPE™ is poised to challenge steel’s dominance in the automotive industry.

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The Intriguing Advantages of Aluminium in Vehicle Production

Aluminium, as the second most-utilized material in automotive manufacturing, comes right after steel. Its lightweight and sturdy attributes render it indispensable for creating lightweight vehicles boasting heightened efficiency, such as extending electric vehicle battery range or diminishing battery capacity size. Despite the automotive industry’s extensive recycling of aluminium, freshly mined primary aluminium is routinely introduced to dilute impurities.

The Enchanting ShAPE™ Process: Forging Robust, Flexible Aluminium Components

In order to scrutinize the strength and ductility of materials generated through the ShAPE™ method, researchers delved into an aluminium alloy known as 6063. Employing scanning electron microscopy and electron backscatter diffraction, the research team discovered that ShAPE products exhibit remarkable strength and are devoid of manufacturing flaws that could result in component failure. Furthermore, these products demonstrated no evidence of large metal clusters, which can contribute to material degradation and have impeded attempts to utilize recycled aluminium for new merchandise.

Epilogue: The Tipping Point of Aluminium Recycling Evolution

The ShAPE™ procedure has reached a watershed moment in the progression of aluminium recycling within the realm of manufacturing. This process paves the way for a circular economy centered around recycled aluminium, simultaneously amplifying electric vehicle battery range, reducing embodied energy, and slashing carbon dioxide emissions. Magna, the most prominent auto parts manufacturer in North America, secured funding for this collaborative research from DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Office, Lightweight Materials Consortium (LightMAT) Program.

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