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Introduction: Curtain Raiser

Eccentric and uproarious TV hosts, Dick and Dom, will be blitzing their way onto the stage at the illustrious Brighton Dome. The slapstick shenanigans that beamed into homes in 2002 are getting an almighty revival, causing a frisson of excitement amongst fans of the anarchic TV show. And guess what? It’s happening this Thursday.

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The Show: What’s in Store

The bromance duo is bringing back a throng of fan-favorite games, including Two-word Tango, The Grunty Song, and Bogies – the iconic contest that takes flatulence to another level! It’s not just that, folks; it’s an absolute scream. Creamy Muck Muck, which used to tickle the audience’s funny bone, is back, along with Diddy Dick and Dom. And as true fans would expect, D.I Harry Batt is making a cameo appearance, too.

Tickets: Get Yours Now!

Is the show suitable for all ages? Of course! Tickets are still available, so hurry and snap them up! If you’re up for some extra fun, there’s a VIP option to meet the comic duo after the show. Don’t dilly-dally, folks; this is going to be one humdinger of a night!

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