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Sunak’s Claim of Non-Involvement and Personal Reasons for Resignation

The recent resignation of former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left many speculating about the reasons behind it. Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who resigned earlier in July 2022, has been under scrutiny for his role in the events leading up to Johnson’s departure from office. However, in a recent interview with ConservativeHome, Sunak denied any responsibility for Johnson’s resignation. He made it clear that his own resignation was not related to Johnson’s and was made purely for personal reasons. Sunak’s resignation letter cited his frustration over the Partygate scandal and differences in economic policy as factors leading to his decision.

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The Assertion of the UK’s Global Status Post-Brexit and Its Implications

Sunak also spoke on the issue of Brexit and the UK’s position in the world. He defended the country’s status as a “foreign policy superpower” and highlighted recent agreements and partnerships as evidence of this. These included the Aukus submarine deal with the US and Australia, the Windsor Framework agreement with the EU, the Anglo-French summit, and the UK’s accession to the CPTPP Pacific trade area. Sunak rejected French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion that the EU should become a “third superpower” to avoid getting involved in a clash between China and the US over Taiwan. Sunak argued that the UK did not need to be part of the EU to maintain its global status as a “foreign policy superpower.”

Small Boat Crossings, Planning Targets, and the Acknowledgement of Challenges

Sunak also addressed some of the challenges faced by the UK government, such as small boat crossings and planning targets. He admitted that his plans to stop small boats from crossing the English Channel would not be immediately successful, and he refused to promise completion by the next general election. Sunak also acknowledged that an interim judgment from the European Court of Human Rights against his plan to detain and deport small boat arrivals was likely. Regarding the target of building 300,000 homes a year in England, Sunak defended the government’s decision to make it advisory rather than mandatory. He argued that a planning system that imposes “top-down targets” lacks Tory support, and the government aims to build homes in “the right places” and “the right way.”

The Refusal to Engage in Personalized Attacks and the Role of Faith in Public Life

Sunak also commented on the topic of personalized attacks in politics and his Hindu faith. When asked about the possibility of the Tories responding with personalized attacks on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, Sunak refused to engage in such behavior. Instead, he stated that he was “focused on delivering our priorities” and was “proud of our record” on crime. Additionally, Sunak discussed his Hindu faith and its role in his life as a public figure. He revealed that he keeps a Lord Ganesh statue on his desk in Downing Street, as it is believed to bring good luck when starting a new venture. Sunak explained that his “inner conviction” that he is doing the right thing helps him navigate the “trickier days” of his job as a public servant.


Rishi Sunak’s recent interview with ConservativeHome provided valuable insights into his perspective on several important issues facing the UK government. From Brexit to small boat crossings, Sunak’s comments indicate a willingness to tackle complex challenges and a dedication to maintaining the country’s global status. Moreover, Sunak’s refusal to engage in personalized attacks and his openness about his faith demonstrate a commitment to a respectful and inclusive public discourse. While the resignation of Boris Johnson has created significant political turmoil, Sunak’s clarifications may provide some clarity and reassurance to the UK public. The challenges facing the country are undoubtedly complex, but with leaders like Sunak, there is hope that progress can be made.

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