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The Incident

Last night’s Brighton escapade involved the police in hot pursuit of a stolen vehicle that had been reported as burgled from the Weald area in March of 2023. The officers eventually located the vehicle on Coldean Lane and initiated a stop, but the vehicle had other ideas.

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The Chase and Escape

The vehicle had sped off in a blink, heading down Stanford Avenue before it was abandoned by its occupants in Cumberland Road. The occupants, four teenagers, then scurried away toward the railway station at Preston Park, attempting to give the police the slip by running along a live railway line. However, the police were not to be outdone, and the suspects’ attempts were thwarted several times.

The Arrests and Charges

The police apprehended all four teenagers, consisting of two 17-year-old boys and two 16-year-old boys, and charged them with a multitude of offenses that include dangerous driving, failing to stop, trespassing on a railway, theft of a vehicle, and burglary. All four suspects are presently in police custody.

Appeal to the Public

The Sussex Police are appealing to people living in the Weald area to scrutinize their garages or outbuildings for any stolen goods and report them to the police immediately. They have further appealed to anyone who witnessed the incident or has doorbell or dashcam footage to provide information to assist with their investigation.


The police have successfully captured four teenagers who, in their bid to evade the police, took their chances by running along a live railway line. The Sussex Police have appealed to the public to come forward with any relevant information that may aid in their ongoing investigation.

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