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In this day and age, where almost every other movie is a remake or a reboot, “The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die” offers a breath of fresh air. This British-made standalone feature film, based on the books written by Bernard Cornwell, serves as the final chapter of the TV series of the same name available on Netflix. The movie takes place in the 10th century, just before the Norman invasion, and offers a thought-provoking glimpse into a society composed of pagan Danes and Christian Saxons trying to coexist.


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Plot Summary

The story follows Uhtred, a mixed-heritage warrior, born a Saxon but raised by Vikings. Uhtred leads a community in Northumbria and is allied with the royal family of Wessex. However, when a new king, Aethelstan, comes to power, his adviser persuades him to take control of all the kingdoms in Britain. As the plot unfolds, Uhtred’s loyalty to the royal family is put to the test, and the title suggests that seven of the eight kings in the story will die.

Movie Review

The movie’s director, Edward Bazalgette, manages the storytelling efficiently, despite the tight time constraint. Bazalgette achieves this by utilizing a display of place names at the beginning of each scene, which helps the audience keep track of where they are. If you’re a fan of attention to historical detail, you’ll appreciate the nods to the era’s mindset. Bazalgette and the film never break the illusion, as the movie tries to stay true to the times, from self-hating gay men who wage war for Christianity to how Dark Age people treated women and conquered enemies.
The film’s battle scenes, although not on the scale of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, are still well-executed and engaging, despite the film’s smaller budget. The movie manages to grip and absorb its audience, thanks to its thought-provoking plot and character development.


In conclusion, “The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die” is a gripping and absorbing final chapter to the TV series, making it a must-watch for fans of the show and anyone interested in British history. This movie is a great example of how standalone films can still offer an exceptional viewing experience while staying true to the source material. If you’re looking for an exciting and thought-provoking movie, “The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die” is definitely worth watching.

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