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The Transformation and Provocative Song of Sam Smith

The once soulful singer Sam Smith, known for their formal dress, has unleashed a cultural battle with their newest album, Gloria. Smith’s hit song “Unholy” is paired with a music video that shows them in devil horns, in the midst of a sex club. The latest material of Smith has embraced more overt expressions of sexuality and queer culture. However, the performance of “Unholy” at both the Grammys and the Brits received backlash for its apparent invocation of the devil.

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Responses to the Show and Accusations of Satanism

Following the opening night of Smith’s Gloria tour in Sheffield, they have been accused of “Satan-worship,” “glorifying Satan,” and “literally worshiping Satan.” The term “satanic” has suddenly made a comeback, as though we’re in the dark ages. Lil Nas X and Demi Lovato, both LGBTQ pop stars, have also been accused of satanic practices in recent years.

The Historical Background of Satanic Panic

This phenomenon is an extension of “satanic panic” that arose in the 1980s with the conspiracy theory that there was ritual abuse taking place across the US in the name of Satan. The US government debunked the idea of a satanic cult in 1992, but satanic panic continued to show up. Heavy metal, Dungeons & Dragons, and Harry Potter were all thought to be corrupting teens with their Satan-adjacent or occult associations.

The Interplay of Homophobia and Accusations of Satanism

Fears around Satan-worship are often linked to child abuse, and this is true for Sam Smith as well. However, much of the criticism directed at Smith is rooted in homophobia, with people using the term “satanic” as a way to express prejudice. When people feel threatened by something, they are happy to weaponize any concept that can be used against it.

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