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Google Unleashes its Artificially Intelligent Chatbot, Bard

Google has entered the AI chatbot arena with the launch of its latest creation, Bard. The tech giant aims to challenge Microsoft’s early dominance in the technology sector by offering an AI chatbot that rivals Microsoft’s ChatGPT technology in its Bing search engine. As part of its gradual rollout, Bard will be made available to users in the US and the UK through a waitlist system.

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The Perils of Perpetuating Perfection

Google is taking a measured approach to the launch of Bard, as the stakes are high. With its search engine serving as a primary source of information for billions of users, the company has a lot to lose if Bard provides inaccurate information. To mitigate the risk of inaccuracies, Google has limited the interaction between Bard and its users and provided a separate site for accessing the AI. Additionally, a query box connected to Google’s search engine is available to help users verify information provided by Bard.

Despite the potential risks, Google believes that Bard has the potential to offer “incredible benefits” such as boosting human productivity, creativity, and curiosity. However, the company’s cautious approach was put to the test shortly after the launch of Bard, when the AI chatbot provided an incorrect answer during a presentation. This resulted in a nearly 8% drop in Alphabet’s stock and wiped out around $100 billion in shareholder wealth, highlighting the close attention investors are paying to how Google is handling the transition to AI.


Google’s launch of Bard, its AI chatbot, marks the company’s entry into the highly competitive arena of AI technology. Despite the potential risks, Google believes that Bard has the potential to offer significant benefits to users. As the company takes a measured approach to the rollout of Bard, the close attention of investors will be critical in determining the success of the technology.

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