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Ubisoft, the mastermind behind several popular game franchises, has unleashed XDefiant into the gaming arena, an open beta game that amalgamates characters, weapons, and settings from a plethora of Ubisoft games in one deathmatch arena. The game aims to capture the hearts of the franchise’s fervent shooter fanbase, but it falls short of expectations due to its convoluted level design and flawed shooting mechanics.


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XDefiant, in essence, is akin to the likes of Call of Duty, Overwatch, or Team Fortress 2. The primary focus is on objectives, with Domination mode being the standard mode, accompanied by various other modes, including the classic Payload-esque Escort mode. The game offers players the option to choose factions from different Ubisoft games that bring a unique set of skills, passives, and aesthetic appeal, thereby elevating the gaming experience.

Graphics and Design

The game’s military-style aesthetic, replete with a smorgasbord of maps and weapons from various Ubisoft games, offers an immersive experience. The map design is, for the most part, impressive, and delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. However, certain issues like invisible walls, light foliage, and inaccessible rooftops hamper the game’s appeal. The arsenal and customization options available to players are vast, but the guns’ underpowered nature leaves much to be desired.


The game, unfortunately, is riddled with several prevalent issues in the beta stage, including desync and graphical bugs that plague the game. Players have complained about low damage weapons and high movement speeds that render it challenging to take down enemies. The game urgently requires rebalancing and technical fixes to make it a success.


XDefiant is a shooter game that offers an enthralling gaming experience but falls short of the expectations set by other popular franchises. With some TLC in the right areas and rebalancing of the combat, it holds the potential to be a massive hit. However, as it stands, the game has several critical issues that need to be addressed. The game is currently available in the Closed Beta stage from April 13-23 and will launch at some point in the future, but the makers must address the concerns raised by gamers to make it a success.

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