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The Green Party of Brighton has recently announced their intention to implement a landlord licensing scheme that aims to improve the relationship between landlords and tenants. The scheme also seeks to address the problems encountered by renters in the city’s rental sector. The party, however, has rebutted any claims of reluctance to introduce the policy, emphasizing that they intend to ensure the scheme’s robustness before its rollout. The proposal’s approval by the government is a prerequisite before the scheme’s initial implementation, which will cover five areas of the city before its expansion city-wide.


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The Proposed Plans in the Context of Previous Attempts

A previous effort by the Labour Party to introduce a landlord licensing scheme in the city was unsuccessful, with the government refusing permission for the proposal. The Green Party’s new proposal will commence with the scheme’s initial coverage of five areas of the city, eventually leading to its extension to encompass the entire city. The council’s enforcement team will receive a boost to manage the rising number of complaints from renters.

Green Party’s Perspective on the Scheme

The Green Party’s viewpoint on the landlord licensing scheme is evident through the statements made by Siriol Hugh-Jones, the Green Councillor for Preston Park, Deputy Leader of the council, and Chairwoman of the housing committee. Siriol stressed that the landlord licensing scheme was the correct course of action to enhance the landlord-tenant relationship, adding that the party intends to ensure the scheme’s robustness before its introduction.

Labour’s Position on the Landlord Licensing Scheme

Labour has also pledged to prioritize the introduction of a landlord licensing scheme. The party accused the Green councillors of failing to leverage existing regulations that regulate houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) in the city.

Voters’ Responsibility at the Polls

Voters will select 54 councillors for the next four years in Brighton. Interestingly, people are now required to carry photo identification to the polling station, a requirement that has never been implemented before in the city’s history. However, those without proper identification can obtain a Voter Authority Certificate at no cost via the government’s website to cast their ballots.

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