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The Backstory: A Complex Path to Restoration

The Victoria Fountain of Brighton, an iconic landmark of the seaside resort, has undergone an extensive repair process since January, leading up to the scheduled coronation ceremony of the King next month. However, due to unforeseen complications, the fountain will not be ready in time for the grand event.

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A Multitude of Moving Parts: The Complex Progress of Repair Work

The painstaking repair work for the fountain involved several complex stages, including the dismantling of all major parts and transporting them to the workshop for thorough maintenance. Recently, the crucial parts of the fountain, such as the base and water bowls, were successfully lifted back onto the Old Steine with the help of a giant crane, a significant milestone in the restoration process.

A Promising Future: A City Council’s Positive Statement

In light of the progress made, the spokesperson for the city council expressed enthusiasm about the forthcoming unveiling of the fountain in June. The completed repairs look impressive, and the team is excited to see the fountain restored to its former glory. However, the fountain will remain behind hoardings for safety reasons while the final stages of refurbishment take place on-site. The target is to have it fully operational before the official unveiling, estimated to be around mid-June.

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