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Unveiling the Enigmatic ‘Unintentional’ Ingestion of Ostarine

The pugilistic world was thrown into disarray when Amir Khan, the erstwhile professional boxer, was slapped with a two-year ban from the UK Anti-Doping Agency for his alleged consumption of a prohibited substance. The imbroglio began on February 19, 2022, after his intense fight against the formidable Kell Brook, when the dreaded drug test came back positive, as the trailblazing boxer was found to be contaminated with ostarine, which had infiltrated his system.

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Parsing the Perturbing Ban Details and Backdating

The conundrum doesn’t end there as even though the ban was backdated, it is still scheduled to run amok until the red-letter day of April 5, 2024. Nonetheless, the length of the penalty is seemingly insignificant because Khan, the boxing sensation, had already thrown in the towel and announced his retirement after his ignominious loss to Brook.

Unraveling the Ambiguity of Khan’s Response to the Ban

The labyrinthine case of Amir Khan’s positive drug test has taken a new twist as he confessed to the two violations after failing to ascertain the source of the illicit substance, despite vehemently arguing that the breaches were not intentional. To add fuel to the fire, he pointed out that he had undergone three tests on January 20, 21, and February 12, and all of them had come out negative. Khan, the enigmatic boxer, castigated the fact that he wasn’t apprised of the test results until April 6, which had thwarted his attempts to establish the origin of ostarine in his system.

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