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The long-standing debate over defining “sex” has intensified, with the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) suggesting that altering its definition under the Equality Act could offer more clarity on women-only spaces and sports access. The commission’s proposal came in response to the government’s request to explore the advantages and disadvantages of defining “sex” as “biological sex,” enabling the commission to evaluate whether the present definition is lucid enough and balances the interests of different protected characteristics.


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The Pros of Legal Clarity on Women-Only Spaces and Access to Sports

According to the EHRC, redefining “sex” could generate more legal clarity in eight areas, benefiting women-only spaces, including refuges, and ensuring non-discriminatory sporting opportunities for women. By adopting the term “biological sex,” the commission believes that it could also reinforce the protection of transgender people, providing a more precise legal framework.

The Cons of Potential Ambiguity and Disadvantages

The EHRC, however, acknowledges that the proposed change could create “more ambiguity or potentially disadvantageous” situations in other areas of life. For instance, it could be interpreted as a justification for discrimination against transgender people. Therefore, the EHRC recommends that any alteration to the definition of “sex” must consider its impact on all protected characteristics, rather than solely on sex and gender reassignment.


The EHRC’s evaluation highlights the complexity of defining “sex” in legal terms. While modifying its definition may provide more clarity for women-only spaces and access to sports, it could also have detrimental consequences if not viewed within the wider context of protected characteristics. The ongoing debate on defining “sex” raises policymakers’ challenges to balance competing rights and interests.

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