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Incident Sparks Chain Reaction of Consequences

In a shocking turn of events, Aleksandar Mitrovic has been slapped with an eight-match ban and £75,000 fine for his highly publicized shove on referee Chris Kavanagh during Fulham’s recent FA Cup loss to Manchester United. But the consequences didn’t stop there. In addition to Mitrovic’s punishment, Fulham’s manager Marco Silva has received a two-match touchline ban and £20,000 fine for his red card and subsequent remarks. Even the club itself was not immune from disciplinary action, receiving a £40,000 fine for failing to control their players.

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Shove Triggers Chaotic Chain Reaction

The incident in question occurred during the 72nd minute of the match, when Mitrovic’s violent shove caused a domino effect that resulted in three players being sent off. The situation spiraled out of control as tempers flared and emotions ran high on both sides.

Regulatory Commission’s Verdict Metes Out Harsher Punishment

The Regulatory Commission, an independent body responsible for enforcing discipline in football, determined that Mitrovic’s initial suspension for violent conduct was insufficient. As a result, he will now miss the next seven games, having already sat out one match of the ban. However, the FA has signaled its intention to appeal against the verdict, suggesting that the punishment may be even more severe than originally imposed.

Fulham Manager Also in Hot Water

Silva’s two-match touchline ban and fines have also been deemed insufficient by the FA, adding to the club’s woes. The manager’s controversial comments in the aftermath of the match likely played a role in the decision to impose stricter punishment.

Mitrovic’s Future in Question

Mitrovic’s suspension means that he will be sidelined until mid-May, causing him to miss out on a total of eight matches. His reduced playing time will only allow for a maximum of three more games this season, significantly impacting his performance and overall contribution to the team. His return is slated to take place during Fulham’s game against Southampton on May 13th, followed by matches against Crystal Palace and Manchester City. However, the long-term consequences of his actions and punishment remain unclear.

History Repeats Itself

Silva, who has a contentious history with Kavanagh, expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision-making and Fulham’s treatment throughout the game. The manager’s outspoken nature and previous run-ins with Kavanagh likely contributed to the severity of the punishment levied against the team. In light of this, Fulham will face their upcoming matches against West Ham and Everton without Silva on the touchline.

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