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In a sudden turn of events, Tottenham’s interim head coach has been named as Cristian Stellini after the departure of Antonio Conte from the club. This announcement comes as a shock to many fans, but Stellini has already taken charge of the team on several occasions this season and will lead them for the rest of the season, with Ryan Mason as his assistant. Stellini and Conte have worked together on several teams over the last 20 years, including Juventus, Bari, Siena, Inter Milan, and Tottenham.


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Stellini’s Background and Career

As an individual, Stellini’s professional relationship with Conte began in 2003 when he joined Juventus as a player. Stellini played under Conte from 2007 to 2009 at Bari and became his assistant when Conte took over at Siena in 2010. Stellini then followed Conte to Juventus the following summer. However, he resigned from Juventus after 13 months due to allegations of match-fixing, a scandal that rocked the football world.

After his departure, Stellini returned to football as a youth coach at Genoa from 2015 to 2017 and then became the head coach at Serie C club Alessandria. He joined Inter Milan as Conte’s assistant in 2019 and took charge of the team when Conte was serving a three-game touchline ban in 2020/21, guiding them to victory in each.

Stellini’s Experience as Interim Head Coach

Stellini has already filled in for Conte on several occasions this season, showcasing his ability to lead the team during times of crisis. The first was in a 2-1 Champions League win over Marseille in November, and the second was a 1-0 win over Manchester City in the Premier League on February 5 when Conte was remaining in Italy. He also oversaw wins over West Ham and Chelsea, proving his adaptability and versatility as a coach.

Despite the absence of Conte, Stellini has a direct line to him, keeping up with team matters while Conte recuperates at home. Stellini said that he speaks to Conte many times a day, but the latter is not happy when he is away from his job.

Stellini’s Leadership and the Players’ Response

Stellini expressed his feeling of pressure as the interim head coach and that it is a moment for him to grow as a coach. He emphasized that it is about the club, the fans, the players, their jobs, and their lives, and not about his personal feelings.

Stellini stated that the players are focused and taking more responsibility in Conte’s absence, showing their trust and support towards him. He said that his relationship with the players is special, like every assistant manager needs, and that he can feel that the players want to work together. Stellini added that he is not alone and that he and Conte are in charge together and organize everything with all the staff.


As Stellini takes charge of Tottenham as the main man, fans can rest assured that his previous record suggests that there is little reason to fear for the club’s fortunes this season. With his vast experience in football and his close relationship with Conte, there is a high level of optimism that Stellini will lead the team to victory.

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