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Introduction: A Thrilling Buzz

As the preparations for the upcoming visit of the US President, Joe Biden, to Ballina, Co Mayo intensify, the locals are electrified with an adrenaline-pumping fervor. The excitement resonates through the town, creating a thrilling buzz that cannot be contained. Joe Blewitt, a third cousin of the President, articulated the emotions felt by the community, expressing his joy at the “great buzz” that the town is experiencing.

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Historical Ties between Ballina and Biden: A Heartfelt Connection

Biden’s visit to Ballina is nothing short of historic, as it rekindles a heartfelt connection between the town and the President’s ancestry. The great-great-great grandfather of Joe Biden, Edward Blewitt, who was a revered builder’s merchant in the town, provided bricks for the magnificent St Muredach’s Cathedral, where the President will give a captivating public address. These bricks were pivotal in aiding the Blewitt family’s emigration to America, creating a deep bond between Ballina and Scranton, Pennsylvania – the President’s hometown. This event is further significant as the town is commemorating its 300th anniversary this year, making it a momentous occasion.

Preparations for the Visit: All Hands on Deck

With the President’s visit just around the corner, the entire town has geared up to prepare for the much-awaited event. The preparations have included a joint effort by businesses, community groups, and the local council. The streets are being meticulously cleaned and adorned with an array of festive colors, with shop buildings being decorated with lively flags, buntings, and banners. The town is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the President, and the preparations for the event have reached a crescendo.

Impact of the Visit: A Boon for Ballina

The town is ecstatic about Biden’s visit as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will put them on the global map. The President is expected to mention Ballina on the world stage, which will further strengthen the town’s standing and bring immense pride to the community. The ripple effects of this visit will be felt by the town for years to come and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

Conclusion: A Momentous Occasion

Joe Biden’s visit to Ballina is a momentous occasion that has created a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation in the town. The visit reinforces the strong and heartfelt ties between Ballina and Scranton, marking a significant moment in the town’s history. The community is eagerly waiting for the President’s arrival, and the preparations are in full swing, making this visit an unforgettable experience for all involved.

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