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Leo Varadkar, the esteemed Irish Premier, expressed his elation over Joe Biden’s visit to Ireland, calling it a triumphant success that solidifies the country’s friendship with the United States. Thousands of people flocked to Ballina Co Mayo, eagerly anticipating the President’s speech and joining in the celebration of his four-day trip. Mr Varadkar described the visit as feeling like a warm, welcoming homecoming, and extended his heartfelt gratitude to the hardworking people who made the visit possible.


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Mr Biden’s Itinerary: Exploring Heritage and Business Opportunities

During his visit, Mr Biden embarked on a journey to Co Louth, his ancestral home, and toured the heritage center in Mayo. He also visited the sacred pilgrimage site in Knock, where he offered prayers alongside the congregation. However, Mr Varadkar emphasized that the visit wasn’t just about Mr Biden reconnecting with his family’s roots and heritage, as substantial business was conducted as well. The delegation included two cabinet secretaries, 15 to 20 members of Congress, senior advisors, and officials, and numerous meetings took place throughout the visit. Agriculture ministers discussed food security and pricing while the Tanaiste engaged in an important meeting with Secretary of State Blinken.

Private Meeting with Mr Biden: Building Strong Relations

Mr Varadkar had a private meeting with the President on Thursday, where they discussed critical topics such as Northern Ireland, the US-Irish relationship, and the war in Ukraine. This meeting marked their second encounter, with the first one taking place last month during Mr Biden’s visit to Washington DC for St. Patrick’s Day. Mr Varadkar emphasized that their second meeting allowed them to forgo pleasantries and get straight down to business, creating a robust foundation for further development of the relationship between the two countries. He expressed his gratitude to Mr Biden for his lifelong commitment to peace in Ireland and his unwavering leadership.

A Promising Future Ahead

Mr Biden left Ireland from Ireland West Airport to return to his home state of Delaware. Mr Varadkar expressed his deep appreciation for having an ally in the White House and an administration that takes a keen interest in a small country of five million people. He noted that the visit has helped cement Irish-US relations and marked the most substantial experience of this nature in his tenure. In conclusion, the visit was undoubtedly a monumental success, and it has set the stage for a promising future for the two nations.

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