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In a groundbreaking feat of comic book fandom, Gareth Peter Pahliney, a 41-year-old enthusiast from Cloghan, Ireland, has broken the Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of Deadpool memorabilia. His total number of Deadpool-themed items amounts to an astounding 2,250 pieces, which he has collected since 2006. Pahliney has sourced these items from all over the world, with a monthly acquisition rate ranging from 20 to 40 items.


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A Lifelong Dream: Pahliney’s Passion for Deadpool Memorabilia

For Pahliney, breaking the world record is more than just an achievement; it’s a lifelong dream come true. As a child, he was already enamored with comics and found himself utterly captivated by Deadpool. He began collecting comics and figurines, but it was his love for the Marvel superhero that truly inspired his passion for Deadpool memorabilia. For Pahliney, being surrounded by his collection in his “happy place” gives him a sense of accomplishment that he cherishes.

From Comics to Deadpool: The Evolution of Pahliney’s Collection

Pahliney started reading comics at the young age of five and found himself drawn to Deadpool because of the character’s unique personality and clever wit. He began collecting comics and figurines, but his love for Deadpool continued to grow, making it his primary focus. His collection has evolved over the years, with Pahliney adding everything from themed spatulas and pot plant holders to a life-sized statue of the character.

The Process of Happiness: Pahliney’s Journey to the World Record

In 2016, Pahliney fell slightly short of the 2,000-mark needed to win the world record. However, he did not give up his dream. He built a comic cave in his home and continued collecting. His hard work and dedication paid off in 2023 when he finally broke the world record. Pahliney finds a sense of happiness and pride in his collection, especially since he gave up alcohol 14 years ago. Instead, he puts all the money he saves into comics and his collection.

A Family Affair: Pahliney and His Son’s Connection to Deadpool

One of Pahliney’s earliest and most beloved items is a figurine by collectible brand Sideshow of Deadpool holding a rubber chicken. Another notable piece in his collection is a rare bust of Deadpool used in molding the character’s mask in the first film, signed by Marvel comic book creator Stan Lee and actor Ryan Reynolds, who Pahliney believes truly embodies Deadpool. Pahliney’s young son, Liam, is also a fan of the Marvel character and loves joining his father in the comic cave.

Continued Passion: Pahliney’s Commitment to Deadpool Memorabilia

Pahliney’s passion for Deadpool memorabilia shows no signs of slowing down. He even has a YouTube channel where he shares weekly comics and entertainment news and reviews items in his collection. As long as he is able to, Pahliney plans to continue collecting and adding to his impressive array of Deadpool-themed items.

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