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Sources Disclose Intriguing Method of Intelligence Gathering

As per sources, the Chinese spy balloon utilized a sophisticated approach to gather military intelligence from US military facilities. The balloon’s primary means of gathering data was through electronic signals from weapons systems and messages from military base personnel, rather than imagery. The Chinese spy balloon flew over several secret US military facilities before being shot down, much to the alarm of American officials. NBC News reported on April 3 that China operated an aerial balloon that made multiple flights over some facilities, transmitting real-time information.
“China’s gathered intelligence was obtained not from imagery, but mainly from electronic signals that can be obtained from weapons systems or include messages from the base personnel,” quoted journalists the Pentagon spokesperson.

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White House’s National Security Advisor Engages in Confidential Talks with Chinese Officials

On March 28, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan engaged in a hush-hush conversation with the head of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, Wang Yi, about the Chinese spy balloon’s mission. However, due to the sensitive state of US-China relations, neither side divulged the details of the conversation.
Journalists speculated that the revelation of the Chinese spy balloons came at a time when the White House was attempting to coordinate a dialogue between US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. While Washington hoped that the talks would take place soon, Beijing has thus far refused any attempts to arrange discussions, leading the Biden administration to abandon any expectations for immediate engagement.

Chinese Military Experts Analyze Russian-Ukrainian War Tactics

Earlier, it was reported that Chinese military experts were studying the Russian-Ukrainian war’s events and errors made by Russian military personnel. The New York Times reported on April 2 that Chinese analysts, based on the experience of the Russian-Ukrainian war, are searching for strategies and tactics that could be beneficial in a possible conflict over Taiwan.

US Politicians Dissatisfied with Chinese Espionage Techniques

American politicians expressed their dismay that Chinese aerial balloons, despite their relatively low cost, could infiltrate US and Canadian airspace, where billions of dollars had been spent on defense. Consequently, senators plan to scrutinize the budget and capabilities of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, dissatisfied with the lack of preparation and response to such a threat.

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