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The Canadian Jeff Gustafson Achieves Historic Feat by Winning the Coveted Bassmaster Classic Championship in Tennessee

On a sweltering Sunday in Knoxville, Tennessee, Jeff Gustafson made history by becoming the first Canadian to win the Bassmaster Classic Championship, the premier tournament in professional bass fishing, and a Super Bowl-like event that attracts elite anglers from across the globe.

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The third and final day of the tournament presented Gustafson with a daunting challenge, as his favored smallmouth bass, typically found in the deeper waters of the Tennessee River watershed, failed to bite. Despite his initial despondency, the angler’s persistence and skill eventually paid off. Even viewers watching from home via in-boat cameras could see that the other leading anglers were also struggling, thereby opening up a path to victory for Gustafson.

Despite managing to catch just two fish on the final day, Gustafson still managed to maintain his lead and was crowned the winner with a total of 42 pounds and 7 ounces over the three-day competition. His win earned him the prestigious Ray Scott Trophy and a hefty purse of $300,000 US dollars. In addition, Gustafson received the $7,000 US Rapala Monster Bag of the Week award for the impressive 18.8-pound limit he caught on the first day.

The Revolutionary “Moping” Technique

Gustafson’s triumph can be credited in no small part to his innovative use of the “moping” technique. This technique involves suspending a jig under the boat with minimal movement, allowing the angler to locate bass on their electronics and dangle the jig over them. Gustafson utilized the Smeltinator jig, which was crafted by his friend Bryan Gustafson from Fort Frances, Ontario.

The Role of Family Support

During his acceptance speech, Gustafson paid tribute to his family, who played a critical role in introducing him to the joys of angling. Gustafson’s wife, Shelby, stood beside him on the weigh-in stage, while numerous friends and family members from northwestern Ontario cheered him on from the stands.

A Legacy of Success

Gustafson had previously won his first regular-season Elite Series on the Tennessee River watershed in 2021, also using the moping technique. His victory speech included an encouraging message for the next generation, imploring them to take up fishing and to pursue their dreams with perseverance and the right support.

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