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On March 27, 2023, the Hungarian Parliament overwhelmingly approved Finland’s membership in NATO with a majority vote of 96%. The approval came after weeks of debates and negotiations among the alliance members. The high level of support for Finland’s NATO membership by the Hungarian Parliament is noteworthy and indicates the country’s willingness to strengthen its relationships with other NATO members.


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Approval by the Hungarian Parliament

The Finnish television channel Yle reported that the Hungarian National Assembly approved Finland’s membership in NATO with an overwhelming majority vote. The Hungarian Parliament is made up of 199 members, and the approval came with 182 members voting in favor of Finland’s membership in NATO, while only six politicians opposed it. This vote marks a significant milestone in Finland’s bid to join the alliance.

Obstacles to Finland’s Membership

Turkey and Hungary opposed the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO, while the other alliance members approved it. However, on March 23, 2023, the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Turkish National Assembly approved a bill ratifying Finland’s application to join NATO, clearing the way for its entry into the alliance.

On January 25, 2023, a group of Hungarian lawmakers demanded additional negotiations with the countries applying for membership in NATO, raising concerns about ratifying Finland’s and Sweden’s membership. The negotiations were held to address concerns about the implications of the new members’ inclusion in the alliance.

In February 2023, Finland began building a fence on its border with Russia to secure its borders. The Finns plan to build a 200-kilometer fence to prevent unwanted border crossings. The move was seen as a measure to enhance Finland’s security and prevent any potential security threats to the country.

Background Information

On May 18, 2022, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Sweden and Finland officially submitted applications to join NATO. The Swedish Ambassador to the alliance, Axel Wernhoff, and his Finnish counterpart, Klaus Korhonen, submitted the application letters, which were previously signed by their foreign ministers. The submission took place at the headquarters of the military bloc in Brussels.


The Hungarian Parliament’s approval of Finland’s NATO membership is a significant step towards strengthening the alliance’s security and defense. The support of other NATO members and the clearing of obstacles for Finland’s membership have led to an increased sense of security for the countries in the region. With the installation of the new fence on its border with Russia, Finland is taking concrete steps towards enhancing its security and protecting its borders. The approval by the Hungarian Parliament will undoubtedly contribute to the alliance’s continued efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region.

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