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This article delves into the complexities of political views and how they can shift over time due to various factors. The author, in this case, discusses their evolving perspectives on several pressing political topics, highlighting how they have changed their stance in light of new information and changing circumstances.


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Bomb fentanyl factories in Mexico: A change of heart

In the past, the author vehemently opposed the notion of bombing fentanyl factories in Mexico due to both moral and practical considerations. However, their stance has now shifted considerably, as they now believe that the people responsible for producing fentanyl are unequivocally bad actors, regardless of whether they are catering to the demands of well-intentioned consumers. The author’s newfound support for bombing such factories is predicated on their belief that such actions have been effective in the past, with few negative unintended consequences.

Impose tougher sanctions on Iran: A moral quandary

At one point, the author argued that imposing economic sanctions on Iran was tantamount to punishing ordinary, non-political Iranians. However, their views have shifted over time, and they now believe that such sanctions are justified since Iranians have the choice to overthrow their government. Nevertheless, the author grapples with the troubling implications of their position, particularly given the fact that other countries are justified in prohibiting trade with the U.S. when it kills innocent people in other nations.

Tax the rich more to make them pay their fair share: An issue of social justice

The author argues that the wealthy should be subject to higher tax rates, as they are not paying their fair share. The author contends that a substantial portion of their income is based on theft from the rest of society. They draw inspiration from the words of the renowned 19th-century French economist Honor√© de Balzac, who famously stated that “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”

Ban Tik Tok: A matter of national security

The author advocates for a complete ban on Tik Tok, citing concerns that the Chinese government may be collecting data from users and using it against the United States. The author believes that the Chinese government is far more likely to exploit this data for malicious purposes than the U.S. government is to use information collected from social media platforms.

Bring back manufacturing jobs: A call for protectionism

The author argues that the U.S. government should impose 10-20% tariff rates on all imported manufactured goods as a means of increasing manufacturing output and creating new jobs. They contend that manufacturing was one of the primary drivers of the U.S. middle class and that such policies would be crucial for maintaining a healthy and robust economy.

Tyler Cowen and the Great Barrington Declaration: A reconsideration of one’s stance

The author once criticized Tyler Cowen for what they perceived as a lack of concern for those who suffered during the COVID-19 lockdowns and for being critical of the Great Barrington Declaration. However, the author now believes that guilt by association may be a more appropriate standard, given the presence of Jeffrey Tucker at the American Institute of Economic Research when the Declaration was written. Additionally, the author has begun to question their previous criticism of Cowen’s position on the GBD, suggesting that his critique may have been valid after all.

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