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A Crafty Move: Second Independence Referendum in the Works?

Reports suggest that the Scottish National Party (SNP) is discreetly seeking an agreement with Labour to secure a second independence referendum. Meghan Gallacher, the Scottish Tory deputy leader, slams this potential deal as “sleekit,” a term meaning cunning or deceptive in Scottish dialect. Gallacher warns that if Sir Keir Starmer fails to secure a majority in the upcoming general election, Labour might exhibit weakness towards the Union. SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf has already made it clear that their support for a Labour administration would hinge on the demand for powers to hold a second independence referendum.

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Abandoning Independence Plans: A Call for Priority Shift

Rather than pushing for another vote on Scotland’s position within the UK, Gallacher argues that the SNP should entirely scrap their independence plans. She emphasizes the need for the governing party in Scotland to prioritize the “real priorities” of Scottish voters. Speaking at the Scottish Conservative conference in Glasgow, Gallacher asserts that Humza Yousaf should concentrate on addressing the genuine concerns of the Scottish people instead of advancing the self-serving agenda of the SNP. Furthermore, she claims that the SNP’s strategy involves a secretive behind-the-scenes pact with Labour, leveraging indyref2 in exchange for SNP support for a Keir Starmer-led government.

Doubts About Labour’s Unionist Stance

Expressing skepticism about Labour’s commitment to the Union, Gallacher suggests that the SNP suspects, as she does, that Labour’s support is feeble. She asserts that the SNP does not expect any Conservative government to negotiate away the future of the country, highlighting a lack of trust in Humza Yousaf’s administration. Gallacher goes so far as to state that she would trust her newborn child with vital public services rather than with Yousaf’s government.

Turmoil and Criticism: SNP’s Internal Struggles

During her speech, Gallacher directs criticism towards the SNP, which has been plagued by internal turmoil since Nicola Sturgeon stepped down as leader. The party’s finances are currently under police investigation, with Peter Murrell, Sturgeon’s husband and former SNP chief executive, facing questioning. Gallacher, who recently returned from maternity leave, lambasts the SNP, accusing them of abandoning their responsibilities in governing the country. She denounces their incompetence and asserts that they are currently marked by a state of incapability. Furthermore, Gallacher strongly criticizes Sturgeon, claiming that she has lost everything and left office in disgrace, leaving behind a legacy of division and secrecy.

Tories as the Viable Alternative

With allegations of the SNP’s internal strife, Gallacher presents the Conservatives as a viable alternative for voters. She asserts that her party is overflowing with ideas and prepared to present a positive vision and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by Scotland. Gallacher emphasizes that the Scottish people are seeking anyone who can deliver fresh approaches to both existing and emerging problems, and she declares that the SNP government is visibly crumbling before their eyes.

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