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A Bewildering Dive into Analyst Picks: Meta’s Double Upgrade & More

Prepare for a rollercoaster of analyst decisions as we delve into the latest picks that might have slipped under your radar. Meta Platforms, Facebook’s parent, has been bestowed with not one, but two upgrades after a jaw-dropping Q1 performance. Momo, 2U, and Masco haven’t been left behind, as they’ve all been graced with fresh buy ratings.

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Meta Platforms: A Double Whammy of Upgrades

Meta Platforms has skyrocketed almost 14% as two Wall Street behemoths tossed upgrades their way. CFRA catapulted Meta to Buy from Hold and nudged its price target up to $268.00, a significant leap from $200.00. They foresee fatter operating margins, thanks to upcoming employee trims, and are keen on favorable past comparisons and unshakable ad spend, set to drive revenue skyward. Not to be outdone, Huber Research bumped Meta up to Overweight from Neutral, placing their bets on a $290.00 target.

Momo: UBS Joins the Upgrade Party

Hello Group, or Momo, caught the eye of UBS, who hoisted their rating from Neutral to Buy and jacked up the price target to a staggering $12.50, up from a meager $4.80. JPMorgan had already shown Momo some love earlier this month, lifting its rating to Overweight from Neutral and settling on a $13.00 target. Momo’s Q4 report card blew past expectations in both earnings per share and revenues.

2U & Masco: Analysts Say “Buy, Buy, Buy!”

Cantor Fitzgerald nudged 2U to Overweight from Neutral and slapped a $7.40 price target on them. Hot on the heels of 2U’s Q1 earnings triumph, their share price surged more than 5% yesterday. Since February, their stock sell-off, ignited by DoE policy change anxieties, has paved the way for a tantalizing risk/reward profile. Cantor Fitzgerald argues that the market’s worst-case scenario assumptions have likely already been baked in and sees the chances of such a disastrous outcome as slim to none, given academia’s unwavering support.

Jefferies hitched Masco from Hold to Buy and cranked up its price target to $65.00, a leap from $55.00. Masco’s Q1 results left expectations in the dust, prompting the upgrade.

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