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Groundbreaking research conducted by mathematicians at the University of Sussex has resulted in the development of a revolutionary mathematical formula that can be used to achieve sexual climax. The formula, based on physical and psychological data, was inspired by the mathematics of sports performance, according to a recent paper published by the research team.


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The Formula: A Complex Mathematical Model

The mathematical model devised by the researchers can now determine the ideal conditions required for achieving orgasm with incredible precision. The model is based on a detailed analysis of the complex stages of the male arousal cycle, and involves numerous complex mathematical equations and formulas. Dr Konstantin Blyuss, one of the authors of the paper, explained that the presence of excessive psychological arousal at the beginning of the arousal cycle can actually impede the chances of achieving a successful orgasm, revealing the intricacies and complexities of the human sexual response.

Successful Mathematical Model Finally Achieved

In the past, numerous attempts have been made to create a mathematical model capable of accurately describing the physiological path to climax. However, previous attempts were largely unsuccessful, due to the intricate nature of the male arousal cycle. But now, drawing on established data and their previous published work, the researchers have succeeded in creating the first truly successful mathematical model of sexual performance. The results of their research cover both the physiological and psychological aspects of the sexual response, and serve to reinforce existing studies into the psychology of sex.

Comprehensive Study of Nearly 700 Men and Women

The study was conducted with a sample of nearly 700 men and women, over the course of 10,000 sexual acts, with a focus on men, since their arousal cycle is considered to be simpler. However, the researchers hope that further study will help to better understand female satisfaction. Co-researcher, Dr Yuliya Kyrychko, revealed that they are planning to mathematically model the female sexual response based on the information gathered from the study. The team believes that the data could be invaluable in clinical treatments for individuals struggling with sexual dysfunction, and in improving overall sexual satisfaction for all individuals.

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