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A blast from the past

In an exciting turn of events, a UK buyer has paid a whopping £195,000 for a hand-drawn cross-section plan of the iconic Titanic ship. The plan was used during the inquiry into the ship’s infamous sinking back in 1912.

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Details that speak volumes

This 32ft (9.7m) plan, which was prepared by White Star Line architects just weeks after the disaster, is a piece of history that speaks volumes. So vital was this plan to the inquiry that it was displayed in the official hearing room, allowing 96 witnesses to point out various parts of the ship. Interestingly, the plan even contains original chalk marks that indicate what happened during the calamitous disaster.

An interesting ownership journey

After the inquiry concluded that the ship’s sinking was caused by “excessive speed,” the plan was returned to White Star. In 2011, a private collector bought the plan for a then-world record of £220,000. Since 2012, the plan has been on public display in Belfast and has been viewed by several million people.

Other hidden treasures

Interestingly, the cross-section plan was not the only item sold at the auction. An accommodation plan for the Titanic was sold for £60,000, while a mural from the RMS Queen Mary went for a cool £55,000.

Reflections on the auction

Speaking on the outcome of the auction, the auctioneer, Andrew Aldridge of Henry Aldridge & Son, stated that the prices reflect the rarity of the material offered for auction. Additionally, Aldridge notes that the enduring appeal of the Titanic story has made the memorabilia all the more valuable. Even though the ship sank over 111 years ago, the memory of the passengers and crew still lives on through these valuable artifacts.

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