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The British monarchy has a long-standing tradition of allowing ample time for coronation preparations. But Prince Charles, the oldest to ascend the throne, is set to break with this practice. The gap between his accession and coronation will be just eight months, eclipsing the record set by his grandfather George VI, who had a mere five months to prepare for his big day.


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Age as the Deciding Factor

Why the rush? At 74, Charles is no spring chicken. His advanced age demands a prompt coronation to ensure stability for the monarchy. In contrast, his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, had a comfortable 16-month gap between her accession and coronation, owing to her youthful age of 27 at the time.

Streamlined Planning for a Quicker Coronation

Despite the shortened timeframe, preparations for Charles’ coronation are well underway. Joe Little, editor of Majesty magazine, revealed that much of the planning has already been completed, making the process easier. A smaller guest list is expected, with 5,000 fewer attendees than at Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. As a result, there will be no need to shut down Westminster Abbey for months to erect stands, as was done for Elizabeth II’s coronation. Instead, the abbey will close only 11 days in advance and reopen just two days after the ceremony.

Breaking the Age Barrier

Charles’ coronation will mark an age milestone for the British monarchy, as he will be the oldest monarch to be crowned at 75 years old. When he turned 70 in 2018, he humorously commented on his age and the scars that come with it. The previous oldest monarchs at coronation were William IV at 66 in 1831 and Edward VII at 61 in 1902.

Charles’ Pledge to Strengthen Bonds with Germany

As Charles prepares to ascend the throne, he has already begun to cement his role as the next king. During his first official overseas state visit to Germany in March 2019, he vowed to forge strong ties with the country throughout his reign, following in the footsteps of his mother, the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

The Coronation: A New Era for the British Monarchy

Charles’ coronation marks the start of a new era for the British monarchy. While the shortened preparation period may have raised eyebrows, it is a necessary step to ensure continuity and stability in the face of Charles’ advanced age. With preparations underway and plans streamlined, the world awaits the historic moment when Charles officially takes the throne as king.

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