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Introduction: Celebrating the Legacy of a Timeless Parodist

The world mourns the loss of Barry Humphries, the legendary Australian performer who dazzled audiences with his captivating parody characters and razor-sharp wit. Humphries’ remarkable career spanned seven decades, during which he created an impressive repertoire of characters, including the flamboyant Dame Edna Everage and the disreputable Sir Les Patterson.

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Quintessential Quotes from the Multifaceted Barry Humphries

In this section, we have compiled some of the most memorable quotes from Humphries himself, as well as his famous alter-egos.

The Priceless Gift of Humour

Humphries believed that his remarkable talent to laugh at the misfortunes of others was an innate gift, bestowed upon him at birth. He also considered the ability to laugh at oneself a crucial trait to possess, which he deeply admired in anyone. Most importantly, Humphries cherished the rare gift of making himself and his audience burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

The Liberation of Political Incorrectness

Sir Les Patterson, Humphries’ infamous character, became a voice for opinions that were considered politically incorrect. Humphries found it refreshing to express views that he and others held in private but feared to voice in public, lest it put an end to their careers. Additionally, Humphries found Dame Edna to be a useful tool for expressing his views on political correctness, which he could not express himself. He took great pleasure in leaving his audience in stunned silence, rather than eliciting a round of polite applause.

Unapologetically Australian

While Humphries held mixed opinions about his homeland, he famously proclaimed that one should not judge Australia by the Australians, as suggested by his beloved character, Dame Edna. However, Humphries also expressed that living in Australia permanently was akin to spending an entire night at a party dancing with one’s mother.

Insights from Unlikely Sources

Despite Humphries’ lack of interest in politics, he firmly believed that his characters possessed valuable insights that could have benefited the nation, had they been taken seriously.

Fears and Superstitions

Humphries had a phobia of ghosts and was incredibly wary of them. He refused to sleep in any place that was rumored to be haunted, believing that Australia was a spooky place with malevolent ghosts lurking in every corner. He also admitted to his aversion to sobriety, insisting that it did not work for him. When it came to health issues, Humphries’ family was incredibly prudish and preferred to use the euphemism “hasn’t been very well lately” instead of “dying” when referring to someone who was gravely ill.

The Final Inning of a Life Well-Lived

Humphries believed that he had lived a full life, which he attributed to his aversion to exercise. He also joked about the lengthy process of receiving the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) award. Despite his passing, the legacy of Humphries’ eccentric and dynamic alter-egos will continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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