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Local Authorities Scramble to Develop Evacuation Strategies Amidst Explosions in Dzhankoy

Recent explosions in the city of Dzhankoy have prompted local authorities in Crimea to develop evacuation strategies for the region’s residents. According to Eskender Bariev, the Chairman of the Board of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, residents are already contemplating household-level evacuation measures, including transportation via bus, train, or car. Meanwhile, few people are buying apartments in Crimea, with wealthy Crimean collaborators reportedly turning to Turkish real estate markets.

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Forced Evacuation as Norm in Russia

It is worth noting that Russia has enforced the norm of forced evacuation since 2021. This mandate requires the mandatory evacuation of civilian populations from areas where there is a risk of an emergency situation, or from emergency zones after receiving information about evacuation measures. Russians have already employed this norm in the Kherson region, where evacuation was declared during the retreat from the right bank.

Active Process of Leaving Crimea

Andriy Yursov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, has stated that an active process of leaving the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea is underway at the level of Russian leadership, command, the occupation military corps, and the so-called “administration.” This process includes the sale of real estate on the peninsula and the evacuation of families. Reports indicate that representatives of the so-called local authorities are visiting homes to gather information on the total number of residents, their age range, and whether they have transportation.

Perplexing and Bursts of Insight

The situation in Crimea has reached a boiling point, with explosions and escalating tensions driving the region’s residents to seek refuge in Turkish real estate markets. Meanwhile, local authorities are scrambling to develop evacuation strategies amidst the chaos. The norm of forced evacuation in Russia is adding to the urgency of the situation, and reports suggest that an active process of leaving Crimea is underway at the highest levels of Russian leadership. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the residents of Crimea will navigate the tumultuous waters of this uncertain time.

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