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As the football season reaches its climax, Tottenham will host Brighton in a much-anticipated match. As with all high-stakes games, the quality of officiating can be a decisive factor in the outcome of the game. The referee appointed for this match is Stuart Attwell, a seasoned official with a wealth of experience. The video assistant referee (VAR) will be Michael Salisbury, who has shown great acumen in recent games.


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Attwell’s credentials

Attwell is widely recognized as a respected and capable referee. He has been appointed to officiate the Tottenham vs Brighton game, and his appointment is a testament to his credentials. He will be assisted by Darren Cann and James Mainwaring, two trusted lieutenants who are well-regarded in the world of football officiating. Jeremy Simpson, an accomplished fourth official, will also be present on the sidelines.

Attwell’s previous experience

Attwell has a wealth of experience, having officiated in numerous high-profile games. His experience will be put to the test in the Tottenham vs Brighton game, as both teams are known for their attacking flair and defensive solidity. In recent weeks, he has refereed both teams, showing great adaptability and acumen. During Brighton’s emphatic 4-0 victory over West Ham, Attwell awarded a penalty that led to the opening goal. He also officiated Tottenham’s convincing 3-0 win against Leicester City.

Attwell’s track record

Attwell has been in fine form this season, having controlled 23 games in all competitions. He has shown great consistency and impartiality, having issued 87 yellow cards and three red cards. In his two most recent games, Attwell has shown great restraint, issuing just one yellow card. Fans will be hoping that Attwell and his team of officials will continue this trend and maintain a consistent and fair display throughout the Tottenham vs Brighton game.


With Stuart Attwell and Michael Salisbury at the helm, the Tottenham vs Brighton game promises to be a highly competitive and thrilling encounter. Fans of both teams will be hoping for a fair and impartial display from the officials, and the two experienced referees are sure to deliver. The game promises to be a test of skill, strategy, and athleticism, and fans are sure to be in for a treat.

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