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As per the latest reports, Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from certain parts of the eastern town of Bakhmut due to intensified attacks by the Russian military. British defence chiefs have noted that the withdrawals have been conducted in an “orderly” manner. However, despite the “particularly intense Russian artillery fire over the previous 48 hours,” Ukrainian units are still maintaining control over the western districts of the town.

The Wagner Group, a notorious “private army,” is believed to be working more closely with regular Russian forces, after previously clashing publicly over ammunition supplies. The Ministry of Defence in London has stated in its latest intelligence update that “Russia has re-energised its assault on the Donetsk Oblast (province) town of Bakhmut as forces of the Russian MoD and Wagner Group have improved co-operation.” This renewed cooperation could have significant implications for the intensity and duration of the conflict.

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The briefing also revealed that Ukrainian forces are facing significant resupply issues, making their defensive positions all the more challenging to maintain. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian military has conducted the withdrawals from the positions they were forced to concede in a disciplined and organized manner. Kyiv had reportedly contemplated a full retreat from Bakhmut, but the city is considered to be of significant strategic importance, and Ukrainian forces have suffered fewer losses than their Russian counterparts in the town.

Ukrainian military commanders are believed to be planning their own counter-offensive against Russian forces in the coming weeks. However, before launching their own attack, they seek to weaken the Russian army. The West has reportedly supplied Ukraine with battle tanks, including British Challenger IIs and German-built Leopards, as well as long-range artillery, ahead of the anticipated counter-offensive.

Bakhmut remains a focal point of the conflict, and its capture is Russia’s primary objective. The town had a population of around 70,000 people before the war, and it has been a frequent site of intense infantry ground combat, not seen in Europe since World War Two. If Russia captures Bakhmut, it would mark its first substantial victory in eight months, and it could open a route to capturing more territory in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, which is a key objective for Moscow.

In conclusion, the situation in Bakhmut remains tense, with Ukrainian forces withdrawing from some areas and still holding on to others, despite the intense Russian artillery fire. Ukrainian military commanders are preparing for their own counter-offensive and are seeking to weaken the Russian army before launching it. The West has reportedly supplied Ukraine with military equipment ahead of the anticipated offensive. The stakes are high, and the conflict shows no sign of abating anytime soon.







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