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Public Outcry: Allegiance Pledge Branded Insensitive and Out of Touch

In a storm of criticism, a prominent pressure group has launched scathing remarks against the upcoming coronation’s plan to demand public allegiance to the King. The gesture has been vehemently labeled as “offensive,” “tone deaf,” and a brazen display of contempt towards the people.

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A Modern Addition: Unveiling the Homage of the People

Adding a contemporary twist to the age-old ceremony, the coronation of Charles will introduce the Homage of the People. This new element aims to involve individuals from both the UK and overseas realms, inviting them to solemnly swear an oath of loyalty to Charles.

Republic’s Protest: Quest for Democracy Amidst Opposition

Graham Smith, a spokesperson for Republic, a campaign group advocating for the abolition of the monarchy, contends that in a democratic society, it is the head of state who should pledge allegiance to the people, not the other way around. Smith criticizes the concept, arguing that such traditions should have been relegated to the annals of history after the reign of Elizabeth I, instead of persisting beyond Elizabeth II.
Smith further emphasizes the inherent issue of pledging allegiance not only to Charles but also to his “heirs and successors,” as this effectively necessitates allegiance to Prince Andrew as well—a demand he deems utterly unacceptable.

Unveiling the Liturgy: Fostering National Support for the King

Lambeth Palace, entrusted with organizing the coronation, elucidates that this significant departure from the traditional service seeks to generate widespread endorsement for the King. Their hope is that viewers tuning in to witness the event on various platforms or gathering in public spaces around colossal screens will join in a resounding declaration of support for the King, echoing throughout the nation and reverberating globally.

A Historical Shift: Homage of Peers Yielding to Homage of the People

Breaking with age-old convention, the customary Homage of Peers, where hereditary nobles swore fealty to the monarch in person, will be superseded by the Homage of the People. This unprecedented addition will enable “a chorus of millions of voices” to participate in the ceremony, marking an unprecedented milestone.

The Order Unveiled: Service and Proclamation

Embedded within the order of service for the coronation, the oath of allegiance will resound. In unison, all participants, whether within the confines of Westminster Abbey or in distant locations, will utter the solemn words, “I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty, and to your heirs and successors according to law. So help me God.” A grand fanfare will follow this proclamation.
Subsequently, the Archbishop of Canterbury will solemnly declare “God Save The King,” anticipating an unequivocal response from all present, proclaiming, “God Save King Charles. Long live King Charles. May the King live forever.”

Public Figures Take a Stand

While Transport Secretary Mark Harper and Labour’s national campaign co-ordinator Shabana Mahmood express their readiness to make the allegiance pledge, viewing the coronation as a unifying opportunity and a positive representation of Britain on the global stage, Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay asserts his decision to abstain, deeming the pledge archaic and irrelevant in contemporary times.

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