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Russia Barred from UEFA Euro 2024: The Consequences of War

In a decision that has rocked the world of football, Russia has been disqualified from participating in UEFA Euro 2024. The ban, which was imposed by FIFA and UEFA in February 2022, is still in effect, and it has precluded all Russian club and national teams from taking part in UEFA competitions. The reason behind the ban is none other than the war that erupted between Russia and Ukraine after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s controversial invasion. The ban includes all relevant competitions, leading to the cancellation of Russia’s subsequent place at the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League. Alas, the ban remains in place, and no updates have been made by either FIFA or UEFA about any potential changes or modifications.

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The Effects of the Ban

As a direct result of the ban, Russia was not able to participate in Euro 2024 qualifiers, and they will consequently miss out on the tournament. As the hosts of the tournament, Germany is the only team that has already qualified automatically, and the remaining places will be decided before the end of 2023. The effects of the ban extend beyond Euro 2024 as well, and they have been felt in other areas of football.

Russia’s Recent National Football Team Matches

In spite of the ban, Russia’s national team has continued to play. After the ban was imposed, the team played in non-competitive friendlies against a variety of countries, including Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, and Iraq. Notably, their match against Iraq marked the first time they played on home soil since the war broke out. While there are speculations that Russia may seek to join the Asian Football Confederation if FIFA allows, the future of Russian football remains uncertain.

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