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As time relentlessly marches on, the countdown to the looming cutoff point for submitting nominations for the Pride of Somerset Youth Awards accelerates at an alarming pace. The esteemed accolades were established as a way of commending and lauding the impressive diligence, fortitude, and altruism exhibited by young individuals in the Somerset community. With a history of recognizing prior winners for a diverse array of reasons such as charitable work, extraordinary sportsmanship, and innovative entrepreneurship, these awards have gained an exalted reputation.


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Sandy Padgett Award

The distinguished Sandy Padgett Award, commemorating the memory of the late Superintendent Sandy Padgett, is a singular honor bestowed upon individuals exhibiting unparalleled aptitude in making a positive and meaningful impact within their locality. The exceptional recipient of this award last year was none other than Hannah Buckman. Buckman’s remarkable accomplishments included selflessly volunteering at the vaccination centers in Taunton, coaching trampolining at Quayside Gymnastics Club in Bridgwater, and being an enthusiastic and active participant in her church’s amateur dramatic group.

The Ceremony

The forthcoming ceremony will take place on Somerset Day, May 11, at the Taunton campus of Bridgwater and Taunton College. This day is commemorated annually as a gesture of acknowledgment for the remarkable achievements of the young people in Somerset.

The Awards

Initially launched as a joint effort between the Somerset County Gazette and Taunton Rotary, the Pride of Somerset Youth Awards have garnered an enormous amount of support and have since been generously sponsored by various reputable organizations. These include BBC Somerset, Avon and Somerset Police, YMCA Dulverton, Young Somerset, and Bridgwater and Taunton College.

Nomination Process

If you are privy to a deserving young person, who you firmly believe deserves to be recognized and appreciated, then do not hesitate to submit your nomination. The final opportunity to nominate someone for this coveted award is April 12. To nominate an individual, please follow the comprehensive instructions detailed in the box below. Alternatively, you may choose to physically mail your nomination to Pride of Somerset Youth Awards, Somerset County Gazette, Tangier Central, Tangier, Taunton, TA1 4AS.

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