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The world of Twitter was rocked when Elon Musk, the platform’s owner, announced that he would be footing the bill for blue tick verification on several celebrity accounts. Despite initial protests from many verified users who claimed they would not pay to keep their status, Musk’s bold move has caused a stir among the Twitterati. The verification mark was recently removed from the platform, resulting in many of the largest accounts, including Donald Trump and Cristiano Ronaldo, losing their coveted blue ticks. In the UK, users must pay a monthly fee of £8 to sign up for Twitter Blue and retain their verified status.


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Who Gets Verified

Verified Twitter users, including Stephen King, William Shatner, and LeBron James, are among those whose blue ticks remain, despite claims that they have not paid for a subscription. King recently tweeted that his account said he subscribed to Twitter Blue, although he hasn’t. James similarly announced that he would not pay for Twitter Blue, but his account still has a blue tick.

Musk’s Generosity

After some celebrities were offered a complimentary Twitter Blue subscription on Musk’s behalf, the billionaire confirmed on Twitter that he is paying the subscription for some verified accounts. In response to King’s tweet, Musk simply said, “You’re welcome.”

Understanding Verification

For those unfamiliar with the various verification ticks, there are grey and gold marks that indicate the account’s status. Grey ticks are reserved for government or multilateral organization accounts, while gold ticks signify official organizations on Twitter. However, some media outlets, including CNN and BBC News, have had their gold verification marks removed from their accounts.

Credibility Concerns

As Twitter has come under fire from some companies who claim that the platform has undermined their credibility, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently announced that it is “pausing activities on Twitter.” Similarly, National Public Radio (NPR) has opted to “no longer be active” on the social media site after being labeled “state-affiliated media.” Even the venerable New York Times has had its blue checkmark removed after stating that it would not pay to maintain its verified status.

The Subscription Service

Twitter Blue, a subscription service that provides users with exclusive features, such as the ability to undo tweets and customize app icons, is priced at £2.99 per month for UK-based users and $2.99 per month for US-based users.

Ice T Weighs In

American rap artist Ice T weighed in on the verified checkmark discussion, calling it “a sad moment in society.” He tweeted that the fact that people are even discussing blue checkmarks is a sign of societal issues.

Musk’s Lighthearted Response

Responding to the blue tick removals, Musk tweeted a link to the song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65, commenting that it was a “great song.”


The removal of verified checkmarks on Twitter has sparked controversy among users, particularly those who have lost their status after refusing to pay for Twitter Blue. Elon Musk’s decision to pay for the verification of some accounts has added another layer of complexity to the issue. It remains to be seen whether Musk’s move will have any impact on the future of Twitter’s verification system.

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