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Love Island’s victorious contestant, reality TV sensation Dani Dyer, aspires to ignite open dialogues about mental health among young women and fellow mothers by sharing her own encounters with anxiety.


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Unveiling Postpartum Anxiety: A Riveting Documentary

In the forthcoming E4 documentary, “Dani Dyer: Is This Anxiety?”, Dani Dyer delves into her own turbulent battles with anxiety, triggered by the birth of her son Santiago in January 2021. The newfound challenges and isolation of motherhood intensified her anxious feelings.

Dani, 26, anticipates the arrival of identical twin girls with Premier League football player Jarrod Bowen, who she claims is a pillar of strength during her moments of anxiety.

Demolishing the Prejudices: Motherhood & Mental Health

Dani confided in PA news agency that motherhood and mental health remain subjects shrouded in taboo. She aspires for her documentary to empower young women and mothers to voice their struggles and seek assistance.

She commended Jarrod Bowen, her partner, for his unwavering support and comprehension, emphasizing the significance of a partner who empathizes and offers a comforting presence.

Confronting New Motherhood’s Isolation and Demands

Moreover, the documentary accentuates the desolation and mounting expectations to embody the “perfect mum,” which detrimentally affect many new mothers’ mental well-being. Dani underscores the necessity of pursuing support and resisting the domination of detrimental thoughts.

During the documentary, Dani converses with fellow mothers who have encountered similar battles with anxiety. She expressed her appreciation for their willingness to divulge their stories to benefit others.

A Glimpse into Dani’s Life and Career

Dani, triumphant in Love Island 2018 alongside ex-boyfriend Jack Fincham, co-parents her son Santiago with former partner Sammy Kimmence, who faced imprisonment in 2021 for defrauding a pair of pensioners. Collaborating with her father, EastEnders actor Danny Dyer, on an array of shows, Dani also co-hosts a podcast with him.

The compelling documentary, “Dani Dyer: Is This Anxiety?”, will grace E4 and All 4 screens on May 1 at 9pm.

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