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Incident Unfolds

In a heart-stopping moment, a paraglider plummeted into the sea after experiencing a catastrophic failure of his motorized equipment. The incident occurred one Saturday morning in close proximity to the iconic Worthing Pier.

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Men Spring into Action

Witnesses quickly alerted the emergency services, but it was two gallant men who fearlessly dove into action to save the distressed paraglider. Scott Ricketts, a 31-year-old adventurer, and Tim Browne, a 35-year-old adrenaline junkie, leapt from the pier and raced to the scene of the accident.

The Rescue Mission

Undaunted by the perilous circumstances, the courageous men grasped onto the waterlogged paraglider and navigated him safely to the shore. With great tenacity, Scott and Tim managed to keep the struggling paraglider afloat and secure until they reached the safety of the beach. Despite the arrival of lifeboat services from Littlehampton and Shoreham, the dynamic duo had successfully resolved the situation, and the rescue crew was stood down.

The Emergency Response

Following the dramatic rescue, the paraglider was attended to by dedicated medical staff at the scene. Heroic volunteers had to abandon their Easter weekend festivities to rush to the aid of the distressed paraglider. One selfless crew member even raced out of her bank holiday shop to assist in the rescue effort.

The Aftermath and Recovery

Thanks to the quick-thinking and heroic actions of Scott and Tim, the paraglider was able to self-recover to the shore and subsequently placed under the care of the ambulance service for further observation. The incident generated multiple 999 calls to the HM Coastguard, underscoring the magnitude of the situation.

Testimony from the Brave Rescuers

Scott Ricketts recounted how he and his brother were enjoying their vacation in Worthing when they heard the sound of a hang-glider buzzing overhead. He surmised that if they had arrived on the scene a couple of minutes later, the paraglider may not have survived the ordeal. Tim Browne recalled how he had to fight against the freezing waters as he bravely plunged into the sea to aid the imperiled paraglider. Despite the harrowing experience, he expressed his satisfaction that he and his partner had succeeded in averting what could have been a catastrophic outcome.

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