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Leading a review into the workings of the Civil Service, Conservative peer Lord Francis Maude has claimed that there must be a more robust culture in Whitehall. The statement comes after Dominic Raab’s resignation, in which he alleged that activist Civil Service personnel were working against him.

According to Lord Maude, the current system must be less mealy-mouthed about ‘politicisation’ and must introduce greater candor and rugged disagreement to prevent frustrations from boiling over. He also recommended that ministers be given more say in the appointments of civil servants. Furthermore, he suggested external audits by qualified outsiders, with published results, to maintain accountability for the quality of advice.

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Transparency and Pragmatism Key to Success

In highlighting France and Australia’s similar civil service systems, Lord Maude noted that these countries have been more successful in balancing impartiality and continuity while being responsive to ministers’ needs. According to him, the key to success is transparency and pragmatism. He stressed that without a much closer alignment between accountability and authority, there will be tensions and fractured relationships. Lord Maude concluded that the current system can work but requires difficult and sustained change.

Dominic Raab Still Criticizing “Activist” Civil Servants

Mr. Raab accused “activist” civil servants of launching a coordinated and politicized attack against him. However, Lord McDonald, the former permanent secretary at the Foreign Office for five years, dismissed Mr. Raab’s allegations of a Civil Service “agenda.” The lawyer who conducted the investigation into Mr. Raab’s conduct found that he engaged in an abuse or misuse of power that undermines or humiliates.

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