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Overview: Evacuations and Chaos as Fighting Continues Despite Ceasefire

As the power struggle between rival generals intensifies in Sudan, governments are evacuating diplomats and staff from Khartoum. With violence continuing despite a hoped-for ceasefire to coincide with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, the situation in the country remains volatile. Citizens are also trying to flee the chaos, many risking dangerous roads to cross into Egypt.

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Details: Death Toll Rises as Violence Affects Operations at Main International Airport

The ongoing violence has resulted in the deaths of over 420 people, including 264 civilians, and over 3,700 wounded in fighting between the Sudanese armed forces and the powerful paramilitary group, Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Operations at the main international airport have been affected, with civilian planes destroyed and at least one runway damaged.

Impact: Sudan’s Democratic Transition at Risk as Rival Generals Fight for Legitimacy

The power struggle between the Sudanese military, led by Gen Abdel-Fattah Burhan, and the RSF, led by Gen Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, has dealt a harsh blow to Sudan’s hopes for a democratic transition. After a pro-democracy uprising led to the removal of the former strongman, Mr al-Bashir, in 2021, the generals joined forces to seize power in a coup. Both generals, each craving international legitimacy, have accused the other of obstructing the evacuations.

Response: International Community Scrambles to Evacuate Staff and Citizens

While American officials have deemed it too dangerous for a government-coordinated evacuation of thousands of private citizens, other countries have scrambled to remove their citizens and diplomats. France and Italy have said they would accommodate all their citizens who want to leave, as well as those of other countries who could not otherwise join an evacuation operation. The US has airlifted 70 embassy staff to Ethiopia, while other countries, such as Germany and Spain, have also successfully evacuated their staff and citizens.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has spoken with rival commanders and urged an immediate ceasefire to protect civilians and the evacuation of EU citizens. However, the violence continues to rage on, affecting the lives of many Sudanese citizens.

Conclusion: International Community Must Work Towards Peaceful Resolution

The violence in Sudan has highlighted the dangerous situation in the country, resulting in the evacuation of diplomats and citizens of various countries. The ongoing conflict between the Sudanese military and the RSF has resulted in a significant loss of life and continues to hamper Sudan’s hopes for a democratic transition. The international community must continue to monitor the situation and work towards a peaceful resolution that prioritizes the safety and well-being of all Sudanese citizens.

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