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As the automotive industry continues to advance, Hyundai has once again proven that they are at the forefront of innovation with the release of their latest crossover, the enigmatic Hyundai Mufasa. With a starting price of approximately $22,000, the Mufasa promises to be a budget model that will challenge the preconceived notions of what a budget vehicle should be. In this article, we will delve deeper into the perplexing and intriguing details of this vehicle, analyzing its design, dimensions, interior, and engine.


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The Mufasa: A Cheaper Alternative to the Tucson

Set to replace the ix35 model, the Hyundai Mufasa will be available for purchase from June. Although the Mufasa is slightly smaller in size than its cousin, the Tucson, both crossovers are similar in dimensions. With the Mufasa, Hyundai has clearly set its sights on providing a cheaper alternative to the Tucson, without compromising on quality or style.


Let’s take a closer look at the dimensions of the Hyundai Mufasa 2023:

  • Length: 4475 mm
  • Width: 1850 mm
  • Height: 1665 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2680 mm
  • Weight: 1464 kg

As you can see, the Mufasa is a compact crossover with impressive dimensions that are sure to turn heads.

The Futuristic Design of the Mufasa

The Mufasa’s design is unconventional and futuristic, featuring extended fenders and angled sides that give it a unique and dynamic appearance. However, it is the front end of the Mufasa that truly sets it apart, with a massive radiator grille that blends seamlessly with curved vertical headlights, creating an unforgettable aesthetic. The taillights are also noteworthy, stretching across the entire width of the body, and providing an unmistakable rear-end identity.

The Mufasa Active Concept Car

During the prototype phase, Hyundai released the Mufasa Active concept car, which featured a protective plastic body kit, off-road tires, and a roof rack. However, these features will not be available on the production model. Additionally, the production model’s ground clearance will be slightly lower than that of the prototype.

The Interior: A Unique and Mysterious Place

The Hyundai Mufasa’s interior was not revealed during the presentation, but spy photos have previously revealed some of its features. One notable aspect is the unique four-spoke steering wheel, which adds an element of intrigue to the cabin. Another noteworthy feature is the use of buttons instead of a traditional gear lever, which is both unconventional and innovative. The front panel of the Mufasa has two large displays that will likely provide ample information and entertainment options for drivers.

The Power Under the Hood

The production model of the Hyundai Mufasa will be equipped with a 2.0-liter, 160-horsepower gasoline engine that can reach a top speed of 187 km/h. A hybrid version will be added to the lineup later on, providing more fuel-efficient options for drivers who are looking for environmentally friendly transportation.


The Hyundai Mufasa is a paradigm shift in budget crossover vehicles, challenging the preconceived notions of what a budget vehicle should be. With its futuristic design, impressive dimensions, unique interior, and powerful engine, the Mufasa promises to be a vehicle that will exceed expectations and captivate drivers. Hyundai has once again proven that they are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, providing a vehicle that is both practical and stylish, without compromising on quality or performance. As the Mufasa prepares to hit showrooms, car enthusiasts and consumers alike are eagerly anticipating the chance to get behind the wheel of this intriguing and enigmatic vehicle.

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