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Russian Lawmakers Set to Develop a Digital Replica of Vladimir Zhirinovsky

In an ambitious move, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) has disclosed its plan to create a political algorithm, christened “Zhirinovsky,” which will be based on the legacy of the late Russian politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The announcement was made by the chairman of the LDPR, Leonid Slutsky, during the opening ceremony of a monument to Zhirinovsky on April 6th.

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To achieve this objective, an institute dedicated to studying the legacy of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, known as the Zhirinovsky Institute, will be established at the University of World Civilizations, as per Slutsky. The politician affirmed that all of Zhirinovsky’s publications, speeches, letters, and statements will be digitalized and fed into the institute’s repository.

The Powerlessness of Death

“Death is powerless before the greatness of the extraordinary Russian politician,” asserted Slutsky. He went on to extol Zhirinovsky’s thoughts, ideas, predictions, and prophecies, emphasizing that they continue to exist beyond the bounds of mortality. Slutsky’s tribute to Zhirinovsky’s legacy was as much a recognition of his legacy’s relevance today as a claim that his legacy was immune to the process of physical decay.

Involving the “Talented Youth” in Developing AI

According to Slutsky, the development of the neural network that will make the “AI Zhirinovsky” a reality will involve the participation of “talented youth” from Russia. He also expressed his confidence in the successful realization of the project. Slutsky asserted that the algorithm will have the capability to simulate Zhirinovsky’s position on current affairs and contribute to Russia’s future development.

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