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Early on Friday morning, a man with a metal detector made a significant discovery on Brighton Beach, leading to Sussex Police placing a cordon and metal barriers to contain the area. Upon further inspection, it was determined that the man had discovered a suspected mine, which prompted the involvement of bomb disposal teams to assess the threat level.


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Assessment of Threat

The discovery of the suspected mine on Brighton Beach occurred during low tide, with the mine located roughly 80ft away from the shoreline. As the tide began to come in, Explosive Ordnance Disposal units were called in to assess the level of threat posed by the mine. After a thorough assessment, it was deemed safe to remove the cordon, and the small section of the beach was reopened at around 11:30am.

Eye Witness Accounts

Upon arriving at the scene, onlookers reported that the cordon had already been put in place, with some speculating that it was related to a crime scene. This discovery isn’t the first of its kind on Brighton Beach, as previous bombs have been found and destroyed by disposal teams. In fact, on New Year’s Day, a Second World War shell was discovered near the Palace Pier and had to be destroyed. The explosions from the disposal were heard as far away as Hanover and Queen’s Park, according to witnesses.

Police Response

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police initially reported that a cordon had been established on Brighton Beach, specifically opposite the Odeon Cinema on West Street, in response to the discovery of a suspected mine. People were advised to avoid the area while the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit assessed the object.

The removal of the cordon after the threat assessment from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal units underscores the importance of prompt and thorough responses in such situations. Although this incident ultimately ended without harm, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for vigilance and caution in our daily lives, particularly in areas with a history of similar discoveries.

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