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A Conundrum of Oil Prices: U.S. Economic Enigmas and Robust Chinese GDP

In a perplexing turn of events, Tuesday’s oil prices oscillated amidst apprehensions surrounding the U.S. economy and the heartening revelation of China’s robust economic growth. At 9:20 am ET (13:20 GMT), U.S. crude futures exhibited a marginal uptick of 0.1% at $80.90 per barrel, while the Brent contract dipped by a slight 0.1% to $84.69 per barrel.

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The American Economic Puzzle

An enigmatic set of data emerged early on Tuesday, insinuating a retraction of the U.S. housing market under the looming shadow of the Federal Reserve’s vehement rate-hiking cycle. Housing starts in March exhibited a 0.8% decrease, while building permits plummeted by a staggering 8.8%. Nevertheless, traders remain steadfast in their anticipation of a 25 basis point rate increase at the Fed’s May rendezvous, seemingly undeterred by the evident deceleration of the American economy.

Turkish Port and the Crude Conundrum

The intricate web of the crude market was further entangled by the mounting likelihood of oil exports resuming from the enigmatic Turkish port of Ceyhan, which had ceased operations the previous month. Analysts at ING unraveled the mystery, stating, “Oil flows of around 450Mbbls/d were halted back in late March after the International Chamber of Commerce ruled in favor of the Iraqi government, which claimed that these oil exports via Turkey were unauthorized.”

The Chinese GDP Growth Enigma

As Tuesday unfolded, the crude market momentarily rallied in response to China’s economic growth revelation. The first quarter saw a 4.5% growth, defying the anticipated 4% and overshadowing the previous quarter’s 2.2% surge. Anxious investors have sought solace in the growth of the world’s second-largest economy to offset the contraction of western economies, burdened by aggressive interest rate hikes. Additionally, the data divulged that Chinese refiners processed a record-breaking 63.29 million tons of crude in March, a remarkable 8.8% year-on-year increase.

Forecasts of an Unprecedented Oil Demand

The International Energy Agency, just last week, prophesied an unparalleled oil demand in 2023, largely attributed to the resurgence of the Chinese economy following the lifting of its zero-COVID policy. In the upcoming session, the American Petroleum Institute—an influential industry body—will unveil its weekly prognosis of U.S. crude stocks, with an estimated decline of approximately 2.5 million barrels.

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