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MG’s Vision for the European Market: Electrified and Revamped Lineup

MG, the British automobile manufacturer, which is set to celebrate its centenary this year, is aiming to give a fresh boost to its European market position. The automaker is planning to introduce a slew of electrified models, including new crossovers and hatchbacks, to its product lineup.

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Revamping the Lineup to Take on Dacia

To achieve its goal, MG has plans to release new models in 2023 and 2024, and SAIC, the parent company of MG, will provide support in developing a family of affordable vehicles to take on Dacia in the budget car segment.

MG’s revamped lineup will comprise of hybrid and electric vehicles belonging to the B and C classes, designed to provide consumers with a wide range of choices and options.

Upcoming Hatchback Models: An Exciting Range

The second half of the year will see the addition of new versions of the popular MG 4 hatchback to the lineup. The brand is releasing a budget-friendly variant and a sports-oriented four-wheel-drive variant, with an impressive 449 horsepower and an acceleration time of 3.8 seconds, already available in China.

MG Cyberster: A Convertible Electric Two-Seater

MG will also debut the new MG Cyberster this year, an electric two-seater convertible that embodies the automaker’s roots in the production of affordable sports cars.

The MG HS and MG ZS: A Refreshed Crossover and New Platform

In 2024, MG is planning to give a significant overhaul to the MG HS crossover and introduce the new MG ZS, built on a new platform. The crossover will have gasoline and electric versions, while the MG ZS will bring new design and technology features to the market.

A New Electric Crossover and Compact Hatchback: A Promising Future

In a bid to offer a complete range of electrified vehicles, the brand is replacing the MG Marvel R with an entirely new electric crossover built on the MG 4 platform. Additionally, the compact hatchback MG 3 will be replaced next year, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.


With its 100-year legacy and a revamped product lineup, MG is poised to challenge established players in the European market. The automaker’s vision to introduce a range of electrified models and the upcoming hatchbacks, crossover, and compact hatchback variants, will provide European consumers with a wide array of affordable options to choose from.

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