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Labour Shadow Minister Slams Green-Led Council

Steve Reed, the Shadow Justice Secretary of the Labour Party, has criticized the council’s management of waste and control of flytipping, stating that the council has not taken adequate measures to address these issues. The council, which is led by the Green Party, has been accused of inefficiency in waste management, and according to Reed, the city’s residents are angry due to the growing piles of rubbish on the streets and the flytipping problem. Reed has expressed his surprise over the council’s lack of action on waste management, considering the party’s supposed environmental credentials.

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Labour’s Plan to Tackle Flytipping

To combat the issue of flytipping, Labour is proposing a crackdown on offenders by providing local councils with the power to force them to remove litter. Under this plan, a “clean-up squad” of offenders would be created, and they would be required to remove the rubbish they have dumped through fixed penalty cleaning notices. Additionally, Labour is promising to restore neighborhood police teams, add 13,000 police officers to the streets, and prosecute those who are caught dumping waste. Reed has stated that making the offenders clean up their mess would serve as punishment and a warning to others who may be tempted to engage in flytipping.

Green Party’s Vision for Brighton

The Green Party has presented its vision for Brighton should it retain control of the council. The party has proposed reducing general waste collections from weekly to fortnightly and introducing a food waste collection service.

Call to Action

Reed has called on the residents of Brighton and Hove to vote for the Labour party in the upcoming local elections. He believes that the Labour councillors are committed to cleaning up the city and restoring pride in local communities. Over 200 people are running as candidates in the upcoming election across the city. If the residents want a Brighton to be proud of, they should vote for Labour on May 4, according to Reed.

Conservative Party Accused of “Defunding” the Police

Reed has also criticized the Conservative Party for reducing police numbers by taking 21,000 officers off the beat. He claims that only Labour can be trusted to tackle antisocial behavior and get the streets back under the control of the law-abiding majority.

Council’s Response

The Green Party has defended the council’s waste management policies, stating that the council has a good record on recycling and waste reduction. The party added that the council is investing in new waste management infrastructure and working on improving street cleanliness. The Conservative Party has not yet responded to Reed’s allegations.


The issue of waste management and flytipping has become a significant concern for the residents of Brighton. The upcoming local elections will provide an opportunity for the residents to express their views on the different parties’ policies concerning waste management, among other things. It remains to be seen how the residents will vote, and whether the council will take appropriate measures to improve waste management and cleanliness on the streets.

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