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A Glimpse into the Past: The Music Video’s Setting

Jesy Nelson, the one-time Little Mix sensation, unveils the visual treat accompanying her latest masterpiece, Bad Thing. Transporting viewers to 1960s London, we witness the captivating, yet tumultuous love story of Nelson and her fictitious beau, Sid.

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The Heartrending Truth: Shedding Light on Abusive Relationships

Amidst the nostalgic ambiance, the music video boldly delves into the harrowing reality of abusive relationships. Women’s Aid, an eminent charity, lauds Nelson’s courageous endeavor to elevate domestic abuse awareness.

Grateful for her influential voice, the organization acknowledges the challenging journey of escaping an abusive partner. They emphasize Nelson’s portrayal resonating with countless survivors, directing them towards much-needed support.

A New Beginning: Jesy Nelson’s Solo Pursuits

Bad Thing trails the artist’s inaugural solo single, Boyz, which dropped in October 2021. The track boasted an electrifying collaboration with rap queen Nicki Minaj. However, the music video sparked controversy surrounding allegations of blackfishing. Nelson refuted accusations, asserting that she never aimed to provoke.

From Little Mix to Solo Stardom: The Path to Self-Discovery

With a nine-year stint in the famed group, Nelson embarked on her solo journey in 2020, citing mental health concerns. Though communication with her erstwhile bandmates has dwindled, she maintains an absence of animosity. Meanwhile, the remaining trio commemorated their decade-long journey with a 2021 album release and a UK tour, prior to pursuing individual projects.

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