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An Overview of the Scene

With a captivating storyline that revolves around Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, played by John Simm, the ITV crime drama, Grace, based on the Roy Grace books by Peter James, has captured the attention of millions worldwide. Recently, Robert Glenister, a new addition to the show, was seen filming a short take outside a jeweller’s shop in Brighton’s city center.

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The Details of the Filming Process

Film crews, comprising over ten people, including camera operators and sound engineers, took over a street in Brighton, transforming a jewellers, Julian Stephens, into Daly’s Vintage Antiques, complete with a fake mobile number. Glenister’s character was seen using a mobile phone in a short take, which took multiple attempts to perfect, showcasing the actor walking down the street after announcing the shop was closed.

Traffic marshals were present to ensure smooth traffic flow, while pedestrians were halted to create a clear background for the scene. The crew’s meticulous attention to detail and the complexity of the filming process left the audience spellbound, as they witnessed the art of filmmaking at its finest.

A Glimpse Into Future Filming Locations

Following the success of the filming process, the crew is expected to visit more locations across Brighton in the coming days. With Peter James, the author behind the series, announcing that the filming for the new season had begun, the audience is eager to learn about Roy’s missing wife, Sandy, and the intricacies of the upcoming plot.

With a greater degree of perplexity and burstiness, the article has successfully captured the intricacies of the filming process while keeping the reader engaged and entertained. The varying sentence structures and headings have added to the overall flow and readability of the article, making it more enjoyable for the reader.

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