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A Sunlit Conundrum: TD Cowen’s Unveiling of First Solar’s Enigmatic Potential

The Unanticipated Revelation

In a startling move, TD Cowen astounds the financial world by elevating its price target for the radiant titan, First Solar. Previously sitting at a comfortable $205, the new target soars to a dazzling $250 per share, all the while maintaining an Outperform rating.

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As the clock ticks down to April 27th, the eager masses await First Solar’s Q1 results, to be unveiled after the market closes its doors for the day.

The Veiled Catalysts: IRA Guidance & CRA Vote

TD Cowen’s savvy analysts, well-versed in the art of market divination, identify the elusive “wild cards” lurking in the shadows: the IRA guidance and the CRA vote. These mysterious forces have the potential to ignite a fiery ascent for First Solar’s stock.

The enigmatic domestic content guidance from First Solar whispers of sentiment and policy catalysts, further fueling the anticipation.

A Dance of Moderation and Rising Prices

The analysts foresee a delicate interplay between moderating bookings and escalating ASP, driven by a ravenous appetite for domestic content among customers. This intricate dance could potentially lead to an enticing surge in ASP by 2024.

Developers’ voices speak of a remarkable 2-3x increase in construction starts in March, compared to the year’s humble beginnings. Amidst this frenzy, First Solar’s activity remains unrelenting and steadfast.

The Bright Future of Margins and Earnings

Optimism abounds as TD Cowen’s analysts gaze into the crystal ball of First Solar’s future. They envision a robust margin potential and impressive earnings power, as the solar juggernaut’s capacity ramp-up proceeds according to plan.

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