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In a stunning move, Dominic Raab, the Deputy Prime Minister, has tendered his resignation from Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet in the wake of an inquiry into bullying allegations. Raab instigated the inquiry himself, but has now stepped down in the wake of the publication of the results by senior lawyer Adam Tolley KC. Raab has rebutted all but two of the allegations leveled against him, contending that their negative conclusions were misguided and could set a perilous precedent for the governance of the country.

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Raab’s Letter of Resignation

In his letter of resignation addressed to the Prime Minister, Raab revealed that he felt a sense of obligation to accept the outcome of the inquiry, even though it dismissed all but two of the allegations. He further cautioned that the findings of the inquiry would have detrimental effects on the Government.

Raab’s Declaration

Raab stated that the bar for bullying established by the inquiry was excessively low, potentially paving the way for baseless complaints to be made against ministers. Additionally, he expressed to Sunak his grievances over a “number of improprieties” that surfaced during the investigation, and urged for an autonomous review of the “systematic leaking of distorted and fabricated allegations to the media” and the forced displacement of dedicated Private Secretaries from his Ministry of Justice Private Office.

Raab’s Apology

Raab conveyed his regret over any inadvertent stress or offense caused to officials as a result of the pace, standards, and challenges he introduced at the Ministry of Justice. He went on to add that this was what the public anticipated from ministers working on their behalf.

Raab’s Departure

Raab’s departure leaves a gaping hole in Sunak’s Cabinet, with speculation abounding over who will succeed the ardent Sunak supporter. The eight allegations against Raab were purportedly focused on his conduct as foreign secretary, Brexit secretary, and during his first tenure as justice secretary. Raab has reaffirmed his unwavering support for Sunak and the government from the backbenches.

Other Recent Departures

Raab’s resignation comes hot on the heels of the Prime Minister’s decision to oust Nadhim Zahawi as Conservative Party chair amid a furore over his tax affairs. Sir Gavin Williamson, another Sunak loyalist, also quit within days of being appointed as his premiership after allegations surfaced that he sent expletive-laden messages to a former chief whip.

In conclusion

Raab’s resignation underscores the significance of upholding high standards of behaviour in government. The inquiry’s conclusions will be scrutinized intently by the public and the press, and the question of who will succeed Raab in the Cabinet remains up in the air.

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