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Investigation report received by Sunak and findings considered

Dominic Raab, the now-former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has submitted his resignation from Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet in light of a recent inquiry into allegations of bullying. The findings of the investigation, conducted by senior lawyer Adam Tolley KC, were received by Sunak on Thursday, and he has been thoroughly evaluating the report ever since.

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Resignation letter addressed to the Prime Minister

In his resignation letter, Raab addressed the Prime Minister and stated that he had called for the inquiry and promised to resign in case any finding of bullying was made. Remaining true to his word, he has now stepped down from his position in the government. Raab also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work as a minister in various roles and departments since 2015.

Flawed findings challenged by Raab

Although Raab acknowledges the outcome of the inquiry, he has challenged its two adverse findings, alleging that they are flawed and could set a dangerous precedent for the conduct of good government. Additionally, Raab mentioned that the inquiry dismissed all but two of the claims against him. Raab paid tribute to the outstanding civil servants he had worked with throughout his time in government.

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